Looking Closer at the Features Inside the New BMW 6 Series

The new BMW 6 Series is a full-size luxury car that comes packed with many useful features. Our knowledgeable BMW sales representatives are eager to share two features that make this BMW such a popular ride these days.

The Lane Departure Warning feature is going to not only keep you safe, but it also keeps you alert behind the wheel at all times. The system scans the road and recognizes when the vehicle drifts. If this happens, vibrations are sent to the steering wheel so the driver can recognize the issue and make the appropriate changes before something happens. 

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Add the Style and Technology of the BMW 4 Series to Your Commute

The 2018 BMW 4 Series is an immaculate vehicle with finely-tuned German engineering. You can see the craftsmanship in the updated exterior style and engine of the latest models, featuring twin turbo engines. There are a variety of different trims from the 428i to the 440i, offering the most horsepower. Top rated in the luxury small car class by US News and World Report, BMW has created a sporty vehicle that you can truly customize with a number of different options and upgrades. 

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Performance and Handling With the BMW 5 Series

If you are in the market for a luxurious, mid-sized sedan, the BMW 5 Series of vehicles is definitely worth looking into. The vehicles in this series have plenty of room, and they are noted for providing a very comfortable ride. The BMW 5 Series provides several powerful engine options along with great handling features.

The BMW 5 Series offers several different engine options, including four and six-cylinder engines. The most powerful engine is offered on the M550i. This twin-turbo produces 456 horsepower. The 5 Series also offers Integral Active Steering. 

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Upgrade Your Commute in the BMW 3 Series

The 2018 BMW 3 Series is one of the top luxury cars on the market right now. Handling has been updated as well in the latest model, with responsive handling and firm steering that make it a dream to drive. There are also additional engine options, including an electric version that helps you get the most fuel economy and sustainability from the BMW 3 Series lineup.

The standard is a turbocharged 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission. However, the top of the line in the mix is the 340i 3.0 six-cylinder engine that puts out 320-horsepower…

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Make Your 7 Series Your Own

When you sit inside the BMW 7 Series, you’ll instantly know why it represents the brand as the flagship full-size luxury performance car. Luxury and performance are built into every part of the 7 Series. With the Panoramic Sky Lounge it accents the interior lighting for a truly unique experience.

The rear seating allows you to relax in style with a series of options that allow you to customize the interior. In addition to the spacious leg room, you can add a rear seat entertainment system, heated armrests, and even massaging seats for added comfort. 

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BMW 2 Series Overview

Have you seen the new BMW 2 Series? German engineering and modern technology come together in this top-ranked luxury small car. Drivers like the fact that BMW came back with a refreshed design and put a lot of tuning into the engine, so that even at the base model, you get 248 horsepower on a four-cylinder engine. The interiors are impeccable as always with synthetic leather that comes standard along with BMW's infotainment system, power windows, power locks, climate control, and on-steering controls.

There are also some new driver assistance features to look out for in the BMW. 

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Is Your Car's Fuel Pump Failing?

A car that shakes, sputters, and stalls clearly has a problem. The problem could be a minor one, such as dirty fuel injectors or old spark plugs, or the underlying issue may be more involved. A failing fuel pump might be the root of the woes.

If your car loses pressure when driving uphill or when carrying heavy weight in the trunk, consider the possibility of a worn out fuel pump. Check your gas mileage, too. When stalling, sputtering, surging, and pressure loss accompany low gas mileage, suspicion falls on the fuel pump. 

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What Does an Alternator Do?

Many people think a car's battery powers all of its electric components, but all it really does is power the electric starter that gets the vehicle running. The part that provides electricity to everything else is the alternator. The alternator essentially works like a generator, and it was in fact called that at one time. As a vehicle's gas engine spins wheels under the hood, those wheels in turn crank a wheel on the alternator to generate the electricity necessary for operating your vehicle's electrical components.

Knowing if It's Your Alternator or Your Battery that Needs…

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Reasons for Illumination of Your Tire Pressure Light

Maintaining proper tire pressure is crucial to the safe, efficient operation of your automobile. If your tire light illuminates, you need to take the notification seriously.

Assuming your tire pressure monitoring system is functioning properly, a tire pressure light in an automobile typically is geared to illuminate when tire pressure falls below 25 percent of what is specified by the manufacturer of the vehicle. In some automobiles, the tire pressure light illuminates if the tire pressure is too high. 

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