As the automotive world makes the leap to electrification, BMW has introduced a trio of stunning electric models to give Fort Myers drivers a series of great options to choose from. From the BMW iX SUV to a pair of luxurious sedans in the i4 and i7, the new BMW EV lineup offers something for everyone.


The new BMW iX is an electrified BMW SUV that goes beyond simply swapping the powertrain. You’ll get a unique cabin experience that surrounds you in elegant simplicity, while spacious seating for five and all-wheel drive capability allow you to embrace the SUV lifestyle without burning a drop of fuel.

BMW i4

As a mid-size luxury SUV, the BMW i4 has a naturally-attractive silhouette, with a long hood, short deck, and a sloping roofline in between. Models with up to 536 horsepower and the instant torque of electric power makes the i4 exciting to drive, and range of over 300 miles means you can hit the road with confidence.

BMW i7

As the flagship sedan in the BMW lineup, the electrified BMW i7 has a special place in the EV space. Delivering a completely new design both inside and out, the new i7 gives you the best tech, luxury, and boldest design that BMW has to offer.

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