Luxury SUVs like the BMW X5 are typically thought of a comfortable cruisers that give you more space to get your kids to school or your luggage to the airport, but in fact this model is much more than that. This BMW SAV comes with a range of suspension options ranging from refined to rugged, so you can have the luxury you want with the capability you need. At BMW of Fort Myers, we’ll help you find the perfect fit so you get just the BMW X5 experience you want!

A Range of Choices

The vast assortment of suspension options available for the BMW X5 starts with standard Dynamic Damper Control, which features on each setup. This high-tech suspension feature reads the road and your inputs, as well as information relating to wheel speed to determine the damping strength at each corner of the vehicle. When cornering at higher speeds, it will stiffen up the outer shocks to reduce body roll and improve control. When traversing rough roads, it will soften the dampers to smooth out the ride and keep you comfortable.

Adaptive M Suspension takes things a step further, with sport-tuned shocks that help reduce body roll and improve turn-in response for a more aggressive feel behind the wheel. Perfect for drivers who love to throw it through the curves, this setup will help you manage the weight of the X5 with greater ease.

Two-axle air suspension offers a different setup and ride height adjustability that you can change on the fly. Inflate the air suspension to enjoy greater ride height for off-road adventures, or select a lower setting to lower your center of gravity, improve on-road handing, and even help with fuel economy.

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