What to do When Your Engine Runs Hot

A number of issues can cause your engine to run hot. If the weather is hot and you’ve been running your car hard, the engine may be overworked. If you were experiencing a problem with your water pump, coolant won’t be able to go through your engine properly. In addition, any issues with your cooling system can cause your engine to run hot.

If you see the temperature gauge in your car begin to rise, it’s time to get some help. Visit our dealership at BMW of Fort Myers and speak to one of our technicians to determine what is wrong with your vehicle.

Leaks in your radiator can also cause your engine to run hot, so this will be checked for you at our BMW service center. Although you can check your radiator to see if it has enough fluid in it, that should never be done while the engine is still hot, as you can get easily burned.

Categories: Service
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