Reasons for Illumination of Your Tire Pressure Light

Maintaining proper tire pressure is crucial to the safe, efficient operation of your automobile. If your tire light illuminates, you need to take the notification seriously.

Assuming your tire pressure monitoring system is functioning properly, a tire pressure light in an automobile typically is geared to illuminate when tire pressure falls below 25 percent of what is specified by the manufacturer of the vehicle. In some automobiles, the tire pressure light illuminates if the tire pressure is too high.

If your tire pressure light comes on, you can visit us at BMW of Fort Myers. Our term of car repair specialists can ascertain if anything is wrong with one or more of your tires. We can also make certain that your tires properly are inflated. In addition, if your tire pressure monitoring system is not functioning properly, or if there is a problem with the warning light, we can also assist you in this regard.

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