Your Timing Belt Helps Keep Your Ride Smooth

The engine in your car requires extremely precise timing in order to function properly. Your pistons are firing thousands of times a second, and the valves have to open or close to let in fuel at just the right time or your car will not run smoothly. The most effective solution to this problem is the timing belt. We are able to replace your timing belt at BMW of Fort Myers if you notice it isn’t running smoothly.

Timing belts have teeth that engage gears while they spin around a tension pulley. This causes the valves to open or close in sync, automatically slowing up or down with the engine. The timing belt is an affordable and effective solution to a very complex mechanical problem.

Failure to replace your timing belt can lead to significant damage, including bent valves or damaged pistons. Do not cost yourself more money than necessary; bring your vehicle to our Fort Myers BMW center for a timing belt repair today.

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