Is Your Car's Fuel Pump Failing?

A car that shakes, sputters, and stalls clearly has a problem. The problem could be a minor one, such as dirty fuel injectors or old spark plugs, or the underlying issue may be more involved. A failing fuel pump might be the root of the woes.

If your car loses pressure when driving uphill or when carrying heavy weight in the trunk, consider the possibility of a worn out fuel pump. Check your gas mileage, too. When stalling, sputtering, surging, and pressure loss accompany low gas mileage, suspicion falls on the fuel pump. Running a check with a fuel pressure gauge reveals information about the transfer of fuel to the engine. The gauge could further pinpoint the fuel pump as the problem.

No matter what type of fix your car needs, we here at BMW of Fort Myers can help. Bring your car, truck, or SUV in for an evaluation by our talented BMW repair mechanics.

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