Your Lease is Coming to an End. What’s Next?

You just received a notice from the leasing company reminding you that your lease agreement is coming to an end. Have you thought about your next move? Maybe you haven’t considered what step to take after completion of the lease period. Below are some informative options available to you at this point.

• Turn it in: this is the simplest of all since you just return the car keys to the dealership and walk away.

• Extend your lease agreement: you may be able to agree on an extension, and after this time period, you may be able to figure out the option right for you.

• Purchase the car: being familiar with the vehicle, buying can be a great idea especially if you’ve loved it.

• Lease another car: you can lease a different model to gain new experience.

Whatever choice you make, our staff at BMW of Fort Myers is readily available to offer you the services you need when choosing your next vehicle.

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