Handy Tips for a Seasonal Excursion

We at BMW of Fort Myers are ready to hit the road. Nothing beats a travel adventure that is well-planned! If you are heading away from the Fort Myers, FL region to visit with loved ones, these quick tips can help ensure a safe, fun and smooth journey:

  • Get your car checked before the trip. Ensuring your vehicle is in good shape to handle the long trip can save you from unexpected car breakdowns along the way.
  • Route your destination before hitting the road. Use Google Maps or a GPS to help you plan alternative routes in case of unexpected construction, weather conditions or traffic.
  • Plan for activities on the road. If traveling with kids, carry blankets, books, and a few car games to make the trip enjoyable for the little ones!

We truly wish you all the happy adventures and hope you can apply these tips on your way to your next destination!

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